About Us

The FÍS Book Club is an on-line platform where children can share their video book reviews with their classmates. FÍS Book Club is an initiative of the Department of Education and Skills, managed by the FÍS Office at the Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT) and PDST Technology in Education.

  • To provide a literacy resource where children can share their book reviews within the website in both English and Irish.
  • To raise literacy standards by encouraging children to read, prepare, present, record and share video book reviews.
  • To allow children to observe the similarities and differences between their own life experiences of others, leading to a greater understanding of cultural differences.
  • To provide frequently changing resources for teachers, pupils and parents.
  • Membership of Fís Book Club may be granted to registered qualified Irish primary school teachers via the Scoilnet.ie teacher’s authentication process.
  • Teachers must obtain consent from parents or guardians before uploading pupils’ video book review report.
  • All uploaded video book reviews are moderated by the FÍS Bookclub administrator.
  • Teachers use their unique passwords to access FÍS Bookclub site. Pupils and parents may be given site access at the discretion of the teacher via a ‘pupil/parent password’.

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